The following are all 5 star reviews that have been left on Google for our practice.

Jason G.
Dr. Ken changed my life in one session. From being straightforward and honest, to making sure I knew that I wasn’t morally corrupt for having a problem, I am so very thankful I walked through those doors. Anyone who is looking for help, should look no further than Modern Med Recovery! Aside from being the best, they are also the most affordable!

Amy Kyllo
They are the most compassionate and understanding staff I’ve ever met in Illinois!!! Everyone from front desk staff to the drs are so amazing and down to earth!!! It’s nice to be treated as a human being and not judged for my past mistakes and this practice really understands that!!! If you’re looking for drs who truly care about your well-being this is the place to go!!!

Laurie Werrline
This doctor is a walking SAINT. I can promise you he is the best doctor (but more important the best human you will ever.. ever..come across in your lifetime). If you know someone who is struggling with addiction or you are struggling with addiction..I promise you this man will treat you with RESPECT and he will be there for you no matter what your story or history is. He does not judge..and he knows some people get better in 6 months …and some people can’t get better for 6 years..he will be there for you the entire journey. ..did you just hear what I said? And he understands how addiction changes the way your brain works and he understands that DETOX IS ONLY THE BEGINNING. Let me stress again…detox is ONLY THE BEGINNING. He’s there for the long road ahead with love and understanding..I could keep going on.. and on.. but there is no point

I wish everyone who reads this good luck.. And may you fight this ugly human epidemic and WIN. AND whatever program helps you.. That you share with others. Because I promise you. Dr. Kenji is one of the FEW doctors that realize what this human epidemic is all about. Steven parker tO IK

Modern med recovery is by far the best place you can go in a time where your life may feel it’s falling apart or even destroyed. They treat you like family from day one. Never looked down on me once. Dr. Kenji is not only a doctor, he’s a man that deeply cares for your well being. We text we call we share good stories. All I can say is he was a gift from god and him and his wife strive to help people like me who was an addict. I was taking so many blue I lost count. He doesn’t judge he just fixes the problem so I can live a good, normal, and successful future.

Lynsey Reedy
I was referred to Dr Oyasu from a good friend of mine and I’m glad I went and i don’t live close to his office. I have been in and out of my disease for quite some time now so I’ve seen many doctors. The second I walked into his establishment, I was immediately impressed. It was clean, professional and I didn’t feel like some “drug addict” walking into another crappy drug rehabilitation center where I was just another “addict” who wasn’t as important. When I met with Dr. Oyasu, I was extremely impressed. I’ve been in this field of “work” probably as long as he has and I know my stuff and he treated me as a friend as well as a patient. We even conversed for more than an hour! Unheard of! Very professional but he respected me and I’ve never felt that with these other “doctors”. He’s the real deal. He gets it and I left empowered and with hope. He’s not just some one looking for your money, he really wants to make a difference. And for those who have been through this process a few times as I have, you know what I mean. He talked to me. We spoke as if i was just a normal person who needed help. That makes a world of difference. I almost gave 4 stars because I’m a bit disappointed that they don’t take insurance, like many others. Like most, I’m in a hard place right now and have to worry about whether or not I can get my medication or pay my rent. Other than that, I recommend everyone who seeks treatment to make an appointment because he is the best. Amazing doctor and his heart is in the right place. Good luck in your journey and I know, with his help, you will succeed!

Jason Bitterling
My name is Christy and husband jason and I called on a Tuesday and we was in the office Wednesday. I’ve never in my entire life had a doctor call and talk to me for almost an hour and honestly care about you and your life . He cares he doesn’t say their is a waiting period or anything,you are first priority to get you better , to help you recover and not feel alone . He will be with u and talks to you normal , u don’t feel ashamed,judged here . This place has saved my life . Saved our family. We can’t explain the love ,compassion, sincerity we have been given . He works to heal you . Your not a number here or a statistic. There is no waiting list , your life matters and your new beginning starts here . I am driving 2 and half hours and honestly would drive 12 hours to feel what I feel . I know if you’re reading this you are where I was days ago searching desperately to find a way to change your life . I was scared ,confused, ashamed and felt alone . I don’t know what your fight is with but trust me no matter what it is you’re not alone here , he cares and wants to see u better and nothing will prevent that . They have several options and he will make sure it’s the correct one for u . He doesn’t rush u he listens and is human . You do not feel that your sitting there with a doctor, I felt I was sitting with a friend that cared about me and my family , I wasn’t ashamed , I wasn’t judged . I am going to tell u I never pictured my life getting better , i felt like I wasn’t living life was only existing, today I am living people , I am happy . I have smiled for first time in four years I have hope . I only have one regret, why didn’t I make this call years ago , it is possible people to get your life again , don’t let fear hold u back and no matter what your situation is trust me u will not be turned away he loves deeply and will fight for ur life !!!! I can’t explain how great he is !!!! Please please call you are reading this u want help this is the first step now call idc where u live or what addiction is controlling u he will help you , please everyone you’re not going to find a better place to go . I love him and the staff they are sweet caring and make u feel like family here . I am forever grateful and only on day two and I’m already changed, did I mention he was there for me during my confusion at pharmacy, he made sure I wasn’t going to be sick and it was late and he still picked up the phone ! U want to live again . Love again , smile , spend time with kids, loved ones again ,? Call call you will never regret this phone call ! I am telling you this is the only place you need to review. Don’t take my word for it , call and I guarantee you that by tomorrow u are on a new path to living a addiction free life , If I can feel this way in a day lol I know u can trust me please.

Damen Martinez
Staff and doctors are definitely very helpful and very polite. This is a place that makes you feel very welcomed and definitely not judgmental. You can tell they are there to make changes in people’s lives as long as you are ready. They care and very connected to the people. Thank you drs and staff .

Lana Palij
From my 1st. phone call, I could tell that this place was different…. For the better! No judgement, very kind, accepting, helpful on my first call to the office. The Dr. is wonderful, actually spends time talking & listening to you, & treating you with respect, not judgement. I have FINALLY found the right place to go for help. So happy I found them.

George Betinis
Excellent, caring, and professional workers. I got in and out really fast. I appreciate this place a lot, not only are they saving my life but helping me with outpatient place that take my insurance and places that are free.

Mary McCann
Dr. Oyasu and his staff are extremely kind and caring. They respond very quickly to any issues I have and I am so thankful to have found them to aid in my recovery from opiate addiction.

Jennifer B.
At modern medicine everyone is welcoming and most importantly understanding.. I’m new to the area so I really went into this place not knowing.. but it’s been the most amazing last few months.. first the staff is amazing and you are treated with respect and the. The doctors and nurse practitioners actually have knowledge and listen to you and mean actually listen.. I would recommend this facility to anyone who wants to further their sobriety… if I could give them a million stars I would they deserve it!

Nicole Leibovich
Finding this place has been a godsend… During my darkest hours I reached out to a close friend who is an ER nurse, and she referred me to Dr. Oyasu. Despite my initial hesitations, reaching out to this place and getting treatment has been one of the best choice I’ve made.. I wasn’t sure if I would make it to Christmas this year, but here I am, celebrating with my family & friends and ready for a new year. Thank you Dr. Oyasu and rest of the staff.

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